My (Summer) Skincare Routine

This morning I woke up and realized that I have never made a skincare routine for my blog! It’s been such a struggle having clear skin and I feel like I finally have a hold on controlling it. I truly used to have the worst breakouts! I always thought that it was due to having combo skin, either too oily or too dry. These products have worked wonders for me, and I hope that if you use it then it will work wonders for you too! Here are my tips. 

C L E A N S E. 

I wash my face twice daily, once in the morning and once at night using this dermalogica clear start foaming wash. Or I’ll use neutrogean oil-free acne wash if my skin is reallly oily. 

M O I S T U R I Z E. 

I swear by using SPF every morning, I love the dermalogica clear start matte moisturizer. It’s super lightweight and it doesn’t feel oily on my face. I put this on every morning after I wash my face. At night, after I wash my face I use this dermalogica overnight treatment. It’s also superlightweight. It’s more of a treatment than moisturizer, but I use it like a moisturizer. It doesn’t burn like most acne treatments. Your skin shouldn’t burn for nice skin! I also can’t forget about my mario badescu rosewater! I love this stuff. I’ll spray it on after moisturizing, before & after my makeup, and throughout the day. My skin always tends to have have dry patches and I feel like this just keeps my skin so hydrated! Oh and I also love using smith’s rosebud salve for my lips and even sometimes a tad bit on my skin. A little goes a long way!

F A C E  M A S K S. 

I love trying out new face masks! I don’t necessarily use any of these daily. But sometimes it’s just so nice to put one on before bed and just relax or to wake up in the morning and feel refreshed. These are the ones I have loved, lush mask of magnaminty (I did a review on it here.), it’s skin carrot brightening masksheamoisture African black soap mud masktea tree peel off.  

M A K E U P. 

I haven’t been using a lot of skin makeup, but I do like to use concealer in certain spots of my face, like undereyes, breakouts, etc. I believe that certain products can definitely have an effect on breakouts. I’ve been using this new serum concealer, and I know it’s kinda costly but I mean a little goes a long way and I feel like it’s never bad to invest in good products for your skin!  It’s pretty lightweight which I love but it also has good coverage. It’s good for that natural look. And I’m saying this again, because I always add this to my makeup look, smith’s rosebud salve!

T I P S. 

– Everyone says this, but it’s true! Drink lots of water and eat healthy! You’re gonna get exactly what you feed your skin!

– Pay attention to what your skin needs, I was able to solve my skin problems because I knew that my skin is either too dry or too oily. 

– Feel free to do some research! I always look at the ingredients on the products so I know what I’m putting on my face and whether or not they can hurt my face. 

– MOISTURIZE! Whether it’s using a face lotion, or simply some vitamin E oil. I know that your skin may be oily but it’s important to moisturize to maintain healthy and glowing skin! 

– Don’t fall asleep with makeup on! I’m very guilty of this, and it hurts me in the long run. 

– Wash your face with a cleanser after using makeup removers. Makeup removers can leave oily residue. 

Here are some pics of how my skin looks now 🙂 
Finding my skincare routine used to be a struggle. I hope that you can find what works best for you! And the best thing to do is embrace all your flaws! I know that this was a long post so thanks for reading it! 

Leave some products and tips you think I should be trying below in the comments. I would love to try them! 


Capitola Love


I can’t actually believe that school starts in a week! Summer flew by so fast! I was looking through my camera roll remembering our quick getaway to Captiola. I swear that everytime my friends and I get together we have a small photo shoot! These photos will just be here to remind me of my summer nostalgia when school starts. I hope everyone has had and is having an exciting summer.

– sav ♡

Summer Lovin’

Hey guys! Naomi, recently brought her shop back, Shop Freckled! I’m so inspired with not only her ability to create but also being so driven to create her own brand. She’s so precious *heart eyes*, she sent me several things in a package along with a small note. I received this top and I’m obsessed. It fits me perfectly! I really love how the sleeves are attached to the top, rather than all one piece because it allows for more movement. When I received the top, the first thing I noticed was her attention to details. Everything is sewn so precisely and clean! I really hope that you check out her brand, everything is designed and created by Naomi herself! The prices are affordable too!

This top goes with so many things, but I decided to pair it with some boyfriend jeans and some single strap pink-tan heels. It keeps the outfit casual, but somewhat flirty and girly at the same time. These pink reflective sunglasses were the perfect accessory to wear on this hot day. It ties in the pink of the heels. I would love to go to brunch, or get together with my friends in an outfit like this.

Oh and before I let you go, check out my sister, Alizae Luy and my photography business, Luy Photography! We’ve been wanting to start this for sooo long now! There’s not a time where we weren’t taking photos. We grew up doing this together, and bonded over something we love. She has always taken photos for my blog! She has such a creative eye! It would mean a lot to us if you checked it out!

Oh and once again thanks for this top Naomi!

Stay Fashionable,


My Tips: Studying 

Hello everyone!

Summer is right around the corner, and school is coming to an end! But school doesn’t end before ap exams and finals! This year has been challenging. I’m really trying to find balance between all my activities. I thought that I should do a school related post before school ends. Here are my study tips!

1. P H O N E S  A W A Y
I struggle so much with this! I noticed that I can’t get work done when I have my phone out. I’m constantly checking my messages and social media. I realize that my homework takes way longer than it should and then I’m up really late doing it.

2. M A N A G E  T I M E
It’s very important to manage your time. I recommend keeping a watch and a planner so you know exactly how long you should spend doing assignments.

3. T A K I N G  B R E A K S
I think it’s important to take short breaks throughout studying. You don’t want to over work yourself!

4. P L A Y  M U S I C
When I study I like to play my Spotify playlist. It allows me to focus while I work. Having a set playlist is important or else you could be wasting your time trying to find a song. Music is also a good way to keep track of time.

5. O R G A N I Z E D  W O R K S P A C E
I definitely struggle with this, but it helps so much when my workspace is organized. I know exactly where everything goes, and I spend less time searching for things. Creating a workspace can be helpful!

6. S T U D Y  W I T H  O T H E R S
Study groups are so much fun! It can be hard to stay on task, but also it’s great to relate with people who have the same goals. It helps to study with someone who knows what your talking about. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do good on my classes without anyone to collaborate with.

7. M E M O R I Z I N G
As you learn new things, start to memorize it as you go! On test days it’s best to pull from your long term memory rather than your short term. You will be more certain about your answers.

8. N O T E – T A K I N G
I personally love taking notes, not everyone does. Writing things down helps me remember it better. I like taking time to make diagrams and charts or whatever that will help me remember.

9. G E T  S L E E P
I think the thing that I struggled with the most this year is getting enough sleep. I didn’t realize that sleep is soooo important. I can’t stress this enough. I always focused on getting my assignments in, no matter what it took and I missed out on so much sleep.

These are the things that work for me! It helps me manage my activities while also maintaining my grades in school! I hope you all do well on exams and finals!

Good luck,


Versatile Stripes

Im back with another post! 

I’m so happy that the sun is finally shining, I’ve been going crazy over new spring and summer pieces. I also noticed my wardrobe has a lot of basic pieces, so now I’m trying to look for more “fun” clothes. I don’t why but I’ve really been in a stripe mood lately. But not just any stripes, I’ve been liking these multicolored and triple stripe patterns. I got this skirt at Forever 21. I knew I needed it because it’s so versatile. I can definitely wear it throughout this season with so many pieces. Today I just wore a nude shirt and some sandals. I love this high-low wrap around skirt, because it’s like a midi skirt and a maxi skirt. Although I think it fits me like a maxi skirt because I’m shorter. I’m certainly excited to wear this skirt to the beach over my swimsuit with a sun hat!

I’m currently writing this post, where I should really be studying for my AP exam. So I’m going to get back to studying now! I hope you all have a wonderful and happy day! Stop and enjoy the sunshine while you’re at it! 

Stay Fashionable,


Flower Power


I apologize for being so inactive lately. I’ve been so busy this year! Starting high school has been big for me. There’s so many things going on. My AP class, homework, and other projects. But, I was really excited to shoot this look. It made me very happy that I could get out and take some photos for my blog! I got this romper from American Eagle, I saw it and had to get it! I love the use of stripes, the colors are so subtle and neutral. It’s perfect for a spring or summer day. Im definitely going to be at brunches and barbecues wearing this! 

Any blog ideas you’d like me to post? Leave it in the comment section! 

Stay Fashionable,


Beach Bliss. 

Hey guys! I’ve been so busy with school lately! My classes have been sooo packed with homework. I really just wanted to get away and take a break from all the school work. So this last weekend my family and I went and explored the beaches around the Golden Gate Bridge. It was so blissful and relaxing, I could say I was certainly at my happy place. So anyway, here’s just a few pics we took 🙂 

Blue Rose Strappy Dress 

Down below you can find my original sketch of what I wanted my dress to be. I’m so happy to have made this into a reality!

For homecoming this year, I had not found what I wanted to wear. I wanted something blue for sure, knee-length, and maybe open back. The weeks till homecoming were going by so quickly. I had two weeks until homecoming and I had already searched several stores for something that I not only liked, but also fit me. I had no luck. I already knew what I wanted but I couldn’t quite find it. I started to look for dresses on Pinterest, but then instead I started looking rather for dress ideas and styles. I thought of the crazy idea to make my own dress. I have some experience with sewing. Sure, I’ve made things such as pajamas before but never have I attempted to make a dress. So this is (technically) my first creation! I bought blue fabric while in L.A. that I thought would be perfect for this! The fabric has an abstract rose pattern on it that looks and feels sort of like leather. I really liked this fabric because the texture of the dress stood out to me. I think it was a good idea to have a texture and fabric pattern when the silhouette of the dress is simple. I’m so relieved to have finished my dress before homecoming. There are so many designs that I have in mind! I can’t wait to sew and create more things in the future!

Stay Fashionable,


The Pink Wall 

When I went to LA, I knew I absolutely had to make a stop at the #paulsmith pink wall! It was my last day in LA right after the last day of Kode with Klossy. This outfit brings back so many memories. I found it funny how my outfit, was a spin on a classic work shirt. Everyday I used to walk into the gas company tower, and everyone would be all dressed up in appropriate outfit wear. I paired my shiny metallic oxfords and a shiny statement necklace to with this striped button up dress I got from Zara. Even though the sun was blinding me in these photos, I really wanted pics! It was so hot this day, that by the end of the day I put my hair in a high ponytail from what used to be a halfsie. And I recently found out that after I left LA, Karlie came back and took a photo at this wall! She posted a photo on Instagram!! 

Stay Fashionable,


Kode with Klossy!! Week 1 Experience

My Klossy Experience

For those of you who haven’t heard of the program Kode with Klossy, it’s a scholarship given to girls by the supermodel and student Karlie Kloss. In this 2 week long class we are given the amazing opportunity to learn how to code. As Karlie said, “code touches everything”, code is becoming part of our world more and more everyday. Code is starting to shape our future. Karlie decided to offer this scholarship because there are not enough women in the tech industry. She wants women to be able to help shape our future. You can read more about the program and women in tech here.

But anyway, I wanted to share my experiences about the first week of Kode with Klossy because people are constantly asking about the program. I just want to say that I am so grateful to have made it into this once in a lifetime program. So far, I’ve met the most empowering, motivated, inspiring, and sweet people in the whole world. My two teachers, Jeff and Taylor are so thoughtful and kind. They answer every question we have about our learning. There’s also Bea and Melany, the teacher assistants. They make sure we find solutions to every single problem we run into. The other students I work alongside with in this class are very understanding and it’s amazing how we all encourage and motivate each other.

Every morning walking into its good vibes only. I am in love with the offices. Everything is perfect down to the smallest details. All of my classmates and I even obsess over the bathrooms. Having a nice office makes it so inviting to come to class everyday. At, there’s music playing in the background, and all the windows are open looking over the beautiful city. I love getting to class early because I like seeing everyone and starting on my work.

Our day has a basic schedule, we are taught our lessons then we stop for lunch, and then we get back work. We’ve been learning ruby, but we will start learning more about HTMLs and CSS next week. This week our first big project was to build a calculator. My group and I worked all morning to build code that allows our calculator to do simple tasks such as multiply, divide, etc. Then after than we had enough time to create another calculator that could calculate how many days a person has been alive. I’m so proud of my group because we built two calculators in 1 and a half hours! We were so motivated to finish. We all encouraged each other that we really could do it and make what we wanted to happen, happen. When we got stuck, we all figured out together what we might be doing wrong, and how we can fix our problems.

When we were done with our calculators, we took a lunch break. Immediately we got onto snapchat to check if Karlie had any updates on her story. In her story she pressed on an elevator button that was the floor of the building we were in! We all screamed with excitement because we knew Karlie would be there. Next moment we’re all cheering as Karlie walks down the hall into our classroom. I really couldn’t believe she was actually standing there. When Karlie walked in I realized how tall she is! She’s more than a foot taller than me. She’s so sweet and nice. She wanted to make sure she made it to see us in her tight schedule that she had. We got to present our calculators to Karlie, and she was very attentive to what we had done. She made us feel proud of ourselves. That’s what she really does! She’s the queen of empowering people!! After that, we got to make videos for Karlie’s snapchat and the Los Angeles local snapchat. It was so cool to be behind the scenes in one of her snapchats, especially when I’ve been watching them for a while before. At the end of the day, we all took photos together. I got to take a photo with Karlie! It was seriously one of my life goals to meet Karlie Kloss. She’s such an inspiration to women and young girls like myself. She is the ultimate role model to girls out there. After class it was so bittersweet because we had such an incredible day with Karlie. But we all understood that she had to go. I still can’t believe that I actually met Karlie and talked to her. I’m going to continue to work hard for what I want, because what I learned from this week is that you can make anything possible with hard work.

I would 100% recommend applying to this class the next time applications are open. This week so far has been once in a lifetime. I’m so glad that I found out and applied within the last three days of the application being due. I will certainly never forget my new friends and this wonderful experience.

Stay Fashionable,