Blue Has my Heart 

Hi Everyone! 

I’ve been searching for an off-shoulder dress (that actually fits me) for so long now and I finally found one at Zara! Usually the shoulders are too wide for me. I was even about to just make one myself! I was so happy when I found it in denim. I love the wash of the denim because it’s light and perfect for summer! Lately I’ve been obsessed with light blues and periwinkle. I love having several dresses in the summer because they are such easy outfits. To accessorize this outfit, I wore my blue reflective sunnies with this outfit and a pair of sandals. 

I hope everyone is doing well!! 🙂

Stay Fashionable,



One thought on “Blue Has my Heart 

  1. Christina Braccia says:

    Ah Savannah you are beautiful! This dress looks lovely on you. I am so excited to find someone who also struggles finding clothes that fits them, I can never find things! I get mad and also am about to make myself the clothes.

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