A Day Spent in SF 

Hi! I hope everyone is having a great summer! Sunday consisted of enjoying what San Francisco has to offer. My family and I headed off towards the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. We drove up to a viewpoint where we could see the bridge and the ocean, it was quite the view. Picking outfits to explore SF is sometimes hard for me. I’m always worried that it’s going to be cold, and I didn’t wear enough layers, or it’s going to be hot and I’m going to be left suffering in denim jeans. But thankfully, the weather was indeed just perfect.  I wore a simple white t-shirt and black twill shorts that I got from American Eagle. I feel like you can’t go wrong with American Eagle, I love the quality of their clothes, and they almost always have sales going on! Over my white t-shirt, I wore a navy and white boyfriend fit flannel that I also got from American Eagle. I feel like the flannel is so beach-y and summer-y and I just felt the need to get it for all my summer adventures to come. I had two different black sandal options in my closet that I thought would work with this outfit, but I picked these lace-up ones I got from the Zara sale. I feel like they make my outfit less casual, more fun. But I fell in love with these sandals, they’re so comfortable! For the rest of the day we walked around the pier and then to Ghirardelli Square picking up some snacks along the way. It was a great way to end our weekend.

Btw, has anyone tried the pink/purple drinks from Starbucks? I personally am in love with the purple drink!

Stay Fashionable,



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