Kode with Klossy!! Week 1 Experience

My Klossy Experience

For those of you who haven’t heard of the program Kode with Klossy, it’s a scholarship given to girls by the supermodel and student Karlie Kloss. In this 2 week long class we are given the amazing opportunity to learn how to code. As Karlie said, “code touches everything”, code is becoming part of our world more and more everyday. Code is starting to shape our future. Karlie decided to offer this scholarship because there are not enough women in the tech industry. She wants women to be able to help shape our future. You can read more about the program and women in tech here.

But anyway, I wanted to share my experiences about the first week of Kode with Klossy because people are constantly asking about the program. I just want to say that I am so grateful to have made it into this once in a lifetime program. So far, I’ve met the most empowering, motivated, inspiring, and sweet people in the whole world. My two teachers, Jeff and Taylor are so thoughtful and kind. They answer every question we have about our learning. There’s also Bea and Melany, the teacher assistants. They make sure we find solutions to every single problem we run into. The other students I work alongside with in this class are very understanding and it’s amazing how we all encourage and motivate each other.

Every morning walking into we.work its good vibes only. I am in love with the we.work offices. Everything is perfect down to the smallest details. All of my classmates and I even obsess over the bathrooms. Having a nice office makes it so inviting to come to class everyday. At we.work, there’s music playing in the background, and all the windows are open looking over the beautiful city. I love getting to class early because I like seeing everyone and starting on my work.

Our day has a basic schedule, we are taught our lessons then we stop for lunch, and then we get back work. We’ve been learning ruby, but we will start learning more about HTMLs and CSS next week. This week our first big project was to build a calculator. My group and I worked all morning to build code that allows our calculator to do simple tasks such as multiply, divide, etc. Then after than we had enough time to create another calculator that could calculate how many days a person has been alive. I’m so proud of my group because we built two calculators in 1 and a half hours! We were so motivated to finish. We all encouraged each other that we really could do it and make what we wanted to happen, happen. When we got stuck, we all figured out together what we might be doing wrong, and how we can fix our problems.

When we were done with our calculators, we took a lunch break. Immediately we got onto snapchat to check if Karlie had any updates on her story. In her story she pressed on an elevator button that was the floor of the building we were in! We all screamed with excitement because we knew Karlie would be there. Next moment we’re all cheering as Karlie walks down the hall into our classroom. I really couldn’t believe she was actually standing there. When Karlie walked in I realized how tall she is! She’s more than a foot taller than me. She’s so sweet and nice. She wanted to make sure she made it to see us in her tight schedule that she had. We got to present our calculators to Karlie, and she was very attentive to what we had done. She made us feel proud of ourselves. That’s what she really does! She’s the queen of empowering people!! After that, we got to make videos for Karlie’s snapchat and the Los Angeles local snapchat. It was so cool to be behind the scenes in one of her snapchats, especially when I’ve been watching them for a while before. At the end of the day, we all took photos together. I got to take a photo with Karlie! It was seriously one of my life goals to meet Karlie Kloss. She’s such an inspiration to women and young girls like myself. She is the ultimate role model to girls out there. After class it was so bittersweet because we had such an incredible day with Karlie. But we all understood that she had to go. I still can’t believe that I actually met Karlie and talked to her. I’m going to continue to work hard for what I want, because what I learned from this week is that you can make anything possible with hard work.

I would 100% recommend applying to this class the next time applications are open. This week so far has been once in a lifetime. I’m so glad that I found out and applied within the last three days of the application being due. I will certainly never forget my new friends and this wonderful experience.

Stay Fashionable,



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