Blue Rose Strappy Dress 

Down below you can find my original sketch of what I wanted my dress to be. I’m so happy to have made this into a reality!

For homecoming this year, I had not found what I wanted to wear. I wanted something blue for sure, knee-length, and maybe open back. The weeks till homecoming were going by so quickly. I had two weeks until homecoming and I had already searched several stores for something that I not only liked, but also fit me. I had no luck. I already knew what I wanted but I couldn’t quite find it. I started to look for dresses on Pinterest, but then instead I started looking rather for dress ideas and styles. I thought of the crazy idea to make my own dress. I have some experience with sewing. Sure, I’ve made things such as pajamas before but never have I attempted to make a dress. So this is (technically) my first creation! I bought blue fabric while in L.A. that I thought would be perfect for this! The fabric has an abstract rose pattern on it that looks and feels sort of like leather. I really liked this fabric because the texture of the dress stood out to me. I think it was a good idea to have a texture and fabric pattern when the silhouette of the dress is simple. I’m so relieved to have finished my dress before homecoming. There are so many designs that I have in mind! I can’t wait to sew and create more things in the future!

Stay Fashionable,



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