Versatile Stripes

Im back with another post! 

I’m so happy that the sun is finally shining, I’ve been going crazy over new spring and summer pieces. I also noticed my wardrobe has a lot of basic pieces, so now I’m trying to look for more “fun” clothes. I don’t why but I’ve really been in a stripe mood lately. But not just any stripes, I’ve been liking these multicolored and triple stripe patterns. I got this skirt at Forever 21. I knew I needed it because it’s so versatile. I can definitely wear it throughout this season with so many pieces. Today I just wore a nude shirt and some sandals. I love this high-low wrap around skirt, because it’s like a midi skirt and a maxi skirt. Although I think it fits me like a maxi skirt because I’m shorter. I’m certainly excited to wear this skirt to the beach over my swimsuit with a sun hat!

I’m currently writing this post, where I should really be studying for my AP exam. So I’m going to get back to studying now! I hope you all have a wonderful and happy day! Stop and enjoy the sunshine while you’re at it! 

Stay Fashionable,



2 thoughts on “Versatile Stripes

  1. AmoyLily says:

    You can’t go wrong with stripes this season. Florals, feminine touches and stripes are the big trends this Spring and Summer. I like your stripe dress!

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