My Tips: Studying 

Hello everyone!

Summer is right around the corner, and school is coming to an end! But school doesn’t end before ap exams and finals! This year has been challenging. I’m really trying to find balance between all my activities. I thought that I should do a school related post before school ends. Here are my study tips!

1. P H O N E S  A W A Y
I struggle so much with this! I noticed that I can’t get work done when I have my phone out. I’m constantly checking my messages and social media. I realize that my homework takes way longer than it should and then I’m up really late doing it.

2. M A N A G E  T I M E
It’s very important to manage your time. I recommend keeping a watch and a planner so you know exactly how long you should spend doing assignments.

3. T A K I N G  B R E A K S
I think it’s important to take short breaks throughout studying. You don’t want to over work yourself!

4. P L A Y  M U S I C
When I study I like to play my Spotify playlist. It allows me to focus while I work. Having a set playlist is important or else you could be wasting your time trying to find a song. Music is also a good way to keep track of time.

5. O R G A N I Z E D  W O R K S P A C E
I definitely struggle with this, but it helps so much when my workspace is organized. I know exactly where everything goes, and I spend less time searching for things. Creating a workspace can be helpful!

6. S T U D Y  W I T H  O T H E R S
Study groups are so much fun! It can be hard to stay on task, but also it’s great to relate with people who have the same goals. It helps to study with someone who knows what your talking about. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do good on my classes without anyone to collaborate with.

7. M E M O R I Z I N G
As you learn new things, start to memorize it as you go! On test days it’s best to pull from your long term memory rather than your short term. You will be more certain about your answers.

8. N O T E – T A K I N G
I personally love taking notes, not everyone does. Writing things down helps me remember it better. I like taking time to make diagrams and charts or whatever that will help me remember.

9. G E T  S L E E P
I think the thing that I struggled with the most this year is getting enough sleep. I didn’t realize that sleep is soooo important. I can’t stress this enough. I always focused on getting my assignments in, no matter what it took and I missed out on so much sleep.

These are the things that work for me! It helps me manage my activities while also maintaining my grades in school! I hope you all do well on exams and finals!

Good luck,



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