Summer Lovin’

Hey guys! Naomi, recently brought her shop back, Shop Freckled! I’m so inspired with not only her ability to create but also being so driven to create her own brand. She’s so precious *heart eyes*, she sent me several things in a package along with a small note. I received this top and I’m obsessed. It fits me perfectly! I really love how the sleeves are attached to the top, rather than all one piece because it allows for more movement. When I received the top, the first thing I noticed was her attention to details. Everything is sewn so precisely and clean! I really hope that you check out her brand, everything is designed and created by Naomi herself! The prices are affordable too!

This top goes with so many things, but I decided to pair it with some boyfriend jeans and some single strap pink-tan heels. It keeps the outfit casual, but somewhat flirty and girly at the same time. These pink reflective sunglasses were the perfect accessory to wear on this hot day. It ties in the pink of the heels. I would love to go to brunch, or get together with my friends in an outfit like this.

Oh and before I let you go, check out my sister, Alizae Luy and my photography business, Luy Photography! We’ve been wanting to start this for sooo long now! There’s not a time where we weren’t taking photos. We grew up doing this together, and bonded over something we love. She has always taken photos for my blog! She has such a creative eye! It would mean a lot to us if you checked it out!

Oh and once again thanks for this top Naomi!

Stay Fashionable,



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