Homecoming 2018: Tedious Process, Priceless Result


If there’s anything I could say about the projects I’ve done, I would definitely have to argue that this specific dress was the hardest, the most stressful, and the most tedious. I could accredit this dress as the worst enemy that I didn’t see coming. Considering my original plan for this dress, let’s just say it’s not entirely what I envisioned BUT it’s everything I hoped it would end up like.

My biggest struggle with this dress was staying patient throughout the whole process. I found while making this dress, if I didn’t take the time I needed, then the more errors I would come across. In fact, about two weeks before I actually finished; I thought that I had almost finished the entire dress, but then one litttle thing I noticed caused me to take it all apart and restart again. And of course, in the next two weeks before finishing, I took it apart about 4 more times. It was REALLY testing my patience and stamina.

Every year of high school, I’ve made a dress for homecoming and now it’s my little tradition. It’s the one time where I don’t have to focus on anything else except for what I want to. It’s exciting to see where my designs take me and how much everything has changed from the last year. It is almost a reflection of the person I am during those times.

I can assure you I spent no more than $50 on my entire look, including the fabric, and shoes, and earrings. I would say the feeling was absolutely priceless in the end, literally and metaphorically. I felt proud for what I was able to accomplish but also for not spending a fortune. It makes me curious what I may choose to do next, but I’m so excited for the challenge.

Also, “shout out kyrah” for the nails. She always comes in clutch with making sure my look is complete with the best nails. Check out her instagram at @kyrahhbalolongg !

And if you’ve made it this far, thank you so much for taking the time to read this! It means the whole world to me! ♡